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Hi There I'm hoping someone can help with this. When clicking on new emails in Inbox Outlook constantly asks to download what looks like the language fonts. I have tried downloading them straight to font book as suggested in some discussions, this doesn't work. We use Suitcase Fusion to manage fonts, I have tried loading the microsoft fonts into a permanent set, this doesn't work. The problem does not happen with all emails, and mainly happens when someone has sent an email remotely from say a phone or a HTML email. Mac OS: 10.12.6 (Sierra).

Download Microsoft 365 On Mac

Suitcase Fusion: 19.0.5. Slender The Eight Pages Download Mac. Outlook is fully up to date.

Hi There I'm hoping someone can help with this. When clicking on new emails in Inbox Outlook constantly asks to download what looks like the language fonts. Need Office for home, business or school? Buy & download the Office 365 or Office 2016 version that’s right for you at the official Microsoft Store.

I have tried cleaning font cashe is Suitcase, this does not work. Any help on this other than stated above would be appreciated as it is driving me nuts and the downloads (up to 20 sometimes) takes a while to either skip or download. Also, if clicking download I can't actual ascertain where these new fonts are downloading to. Cheers in advance, Malcs.

Hi Malcs, Outlook try to display the content of the emails by using the original font, and the font is not installed in the system so that you would get the prompt when open some specific emails. Spss 22 For Mac Free Download. In this situation, I suggest you close the anti-virus software, and click download to install the font.

Or, we would get prompt every time. If the font could not be downloaded, it is recommended that you contact Outlook for mac experts by clicking on feature on the Help menu where is a dedicated support channel for Outlook for Ma c issues. Regards, Hans. Sadly it didn't work, Fontbook keeps disabling these fonts, I have now discovered where the fonts are being downloaded to so I have manually copied each font into a new folder and have permanently activated these fonts through Suitcase. For reference the fonts such as Apple LiGothic Medium.ttf, Apple LiSung Light.ttf, BiauKai.ttf, Baoli.ttc etc. Can be found within sub-folders (There are 47 in total that are being asked to be downloaded) in the following location: System >Library >Assets >com_apple_MobileAsset_Font3 Within this folder you will find a whole host of randomly numbered folders, in Font Book you can hover over the missing font and it will show its path, for some reason you cannot 'reveal in finder' on these particular fonts.just to make this even more fun! I will update on the progress, Cheers, Malcs.

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