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Noteworthy Light Font Download Mac

I am trying to use Noteworthy font (available on Mac OS X 10.7.2) for my web application. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on nor; I mentioned these two sites just because so far they have a pretty good font selection and easy to integrate. Do you know where / how I can use this font for the web? In case it's not possible, I am hoping that someone might have a suggestion for an alternative font that might look / feel like Noteworthy. WhatTheFont returned with a few suggestions (e.g. Nobel Cond Light, Wasabi Thin, Xeilo Condense), which unfortunately don't quite work well.

Edit: To be clear, I need more help to find another font that has a similar look / feel to Noteworthy. The 'custom' font support for browsers is actually almost perfect. Every browser except for old versions of IE will do it if you use @font-face and ttf/eot (and there are plenty of converters). You can host the fonts in your server as long as they are or you have the webfont (you can usually buy it from the font owner). has lots of GNU GLP fonts, I can't really think of any similar ones right now, but it's worth a browse. A good option is to contact the creator and ask him/her directly. Another option would be to make the titles/whatever you are intending to use in the website as images. There are no legal issues there, because you own the font and you are not 'distributing' it by putting it in your site. How Do I Download A Font On A Mac here.

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It's going to be hard to find an alternative - especially, when you're going to use it in a web-app. For a web app you got to remeber, that costum font support is still very limited.

Noteworthy Light Font Download

Though there are possibilities with CSS (or script to generate images from text. In Flash it's no problem to embed a Font, but without.

I don't know any secure and reliable way to asure that the Client sees exactly what you want to show - with a costum font - but to convert text to images.