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• Contents Getting Started....1. •.58 Enabling DrivePass.60 Unlocking Your OneTouch Drive. • Getting Started This User’s Guide is written for both the OneTouch 4 Plus and OneTouch 4 Mini drives. The images in the User’s Guide display a OneTouch 4 Plus drive, but all information is relevant for the OneTouch 4 Mini drive as well. The Maxtor OneTouch 4 drive offers these features: •. • Figure 1: New Volume The New Volume Finder window contains the Mac OneTouch 4 Plus Formatting tool.

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Step 3: Double-click the Mac OneTouch 4 Plus (or Mac OneTouch 4 Mini) icon. The Mac OneTouch 4 Plus Formatter window opens: Figure 2: Mac OneTouch 4 Formatter Step 4: After you’ve read the description of what the Formatting tool does, click Format to format your OneTouch 4 drive for a Macintosh. • Figure 3: Formatting In Progress • When formatting is complete, the OneTouch icon refreshes to display the name of the drive: • The OneTouch 4 Plus.dmg file appears on your desktop: • The dmg file automatically creates a OneTouch 4 Plus installer: •. • Preparing the Software Manually If you don’t want to use the Formatting Tool, you must manually prepare the Maxtor Manager software for installation on your Macintosh. To manually prepare the software, Step 1: Connect your OneTouch 4 drive to your computer.

A New Volume icon appears on your desktop: Step 2: Double-click the New Volume icon. • Figure 6: Disk Utility The Disk Utility window opens: Figure 7: Disk Utility Erase Step 5: Select OneTouch 4 in the list: Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Figure 8: Disk Utility Erase Step 6: Click the Erase tab: Figure 9: Disk Utility Erase Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Step 7: Fill in this information: • For Volume Format, select Mac OS Extended. Any of the Mac OS Extended options will work. • For Name, enter the name you want to give your OneTouch 4 drive. • Deselect Install Mac OS 9 Disk Driver.

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Step 8: Click Erase. • The OneTouch 4 Plus (or Mini) Finder window opens: Figure 12: OneTouch 4 Plus Step 12: Click the OneTouch 4 Plus (or Mini) icon. The OneTouch 4 Plus or Mini Installer Welcome window opens Figure 13: Welcome Installing the Software To install the OneTouch software, Step 1: In the Welcome window, click Continue. • The Read Me window opens: Figure 14: Read Me Step 2: When you’ve read the information, click Continue.

The Software License Agreement window opens: Figure 15: Software License Agreement Step 3: Click Continue. A sheet requires your agreement to continue the installation: Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Figure 16: License Agreement sheet Step 4: Click Agree in the sheet to continue the installation. The Select a Destination window opens: Figure 17: Select a Destination Step 5: If it’s not already selected, select your Macintosh hard drive and click Continue. Note: The OneTouch 4 software can be installed only on the boot volume.

• Figure 18: Installation Type Step 6: Click Install. A sheet warns that you’ll have to restart your computer: Figure 19: Restart Warning Step 7: Click Continue Installation in the sheet. A progress window keeps you informed as the installation proceeds: Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Figure 20: Installing OneTouch 4 Plus When the installation is complete, a Restart window opens: Figure 21: Restart Step 8: Click Restart to restart your computer and complete the installation.

When your computer has restarted, a Maxtor Manager icon appears on your desktop: Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Step 9: Double-click the Maxtor Manager icon to open the Maxtor Manager application: Figure 22: Maxtor Manager Application You’re ready to use your Maxtor OneTouch 4 drive. 072407 Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Managing Your Drives The My Drives view provides a central point from which to manage your Maxtor OneTouch™ devices. It displays all Maxtor devices connected to your computer: Figure 1: My Drives The toolbar across the top of the window allows you to access your drive features and manage drive utilities. • • Open the application of your choice To customize your OneTouch button, Step 1: In the My Drives view, click OneTouch Button.

A sheet is displayed: Figure 2: Customize OneTouch Button Step 2: Select Backup or Sync and click OK to link that action to the OneTouch button. • Figure 3: Applications Menu Step 3: Select the application to be associated with the OneTouch button and click Open. The application you’ve chosen now appears in the sheet: Figure 4: Customize OneTouch Button - Application Selected Step 4: Click OK. You can now open the selected application by pressing the OneTouch button. • Running Diagnostics Use Diagnostics to check the health of your OneTouch drives. The diagnostic utility performs its tests without affecting the data on your drive.

To run Diagnostics, • In the My Drives view, click Diagnostic. A progress bar indicates the progress of the diagnostic: Figure 5: Diagnostics in Progress When the test is complete, the results are displayed in the My Drives view. • The drive pictured above is functioning normally. If the diagnostic encounters an error during testing, the serial number of the bad device is displayed with instructions to contact Seagate for service and support. Using RAID (OneTouch III Users) If your OneTouch III drive supports RAID, you can access this feature via the OneTouch 4. • Figure 7: My Drives To use RAID, Step 1: In the My Drives view, select your OneTouch III drive and go to Drives >RAID Settings in the title bar: Maxtor OneTouch IV.

• Figure 8: RAID Settings The RAID Settings sheet is displayed: Figure 9: RAID Settings Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Step 2: Select the RAID configuration that is not currently selected and click Erase Disk. The RAID Drive Erase Confirmation sheet is displayed: Figure 10: RAID Drive Erase Confirmation Step 3: Enter the number displayed and click Erase Drive. A Disk Insertion dialog is displayed: Figure 11: Disk Insertion Step 4: Click Initialize to prepare your OneTouch for use. • Figure 12: Disk Utility Step 5: Select the Maxtor drive from the list. The First Aid tab is displayed: Figure 13: Disk Utility Step 6: Click the Erase tab: Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Figure 14: Disk Utility Erase Step 7: Enter this information: • For Volume Format, select Mac OS Extended.

Any of the Mac OS Extended options will work. • For Name, enter the name you want to give your OneTouch 4 drive. • Figure 15: Erase Disk Warning Step 9: Click Erase in the Erase Disk sheet. Your OneTouch 4 drive is dismounted and then remounts with the name you entered. Step 10: Close the Disk Utility. Step 11: Click the Maxtor Manager desktop icon.

The My Drives view opens: Maxtor OneTouch IV. • Figure 16: My Drives Your current RAID configuration is reflected in the name of your OneTouch III: • OneTouch IIIs: Striped (RAID 0) • OneTouch IIIm: Mirrored (RAID 1) Updating Your Software The Software Update feature automatically informs you each month of whether your software is up to date.

• Figure 17: Software Update The Software Update window opens: Figure 18: Software Update Software Update is selected by default. Smart Pss Download For Mac here. Step 2: To turn off Software Update, unselect Check for updates automatically. Step 3: To check for updates now, click Check Now. A window informs you of whether your software is up to date: Maxtor OneTouch IV. Cheat Engine Mac Download Free.